Well-Being & Abundance



Healing Heart Meditations Series

In my life coaching work, I teach my clients how to release their old unconscious patterns that limit their life using spiritual technologies. There has been a lot of information provided about how important it is to release your low vibrating thoughts and emotional patterns, but the practical solutions are often lost in volumes and tractates of theories and philosophies. This series of ‘Healing Heart Meditations’ is my contribution to the simple practical solutions on how to meditate with a purpose and not just for relaxation.  Moreover, if you are a beginner to meditating, these meditations will be an amazing practical introduction to various meditation techniques at once.
~ Staas Yudenko

This guided meditation is designed for ongoing release of negative beliefs about money and for transforming one’s energy-field into abundance-attracting magnet. This is achieved by rapidly raising your vibration and intentional aligning of your energies with Universal Consciousness.  As a result, this meditation gently alters your low-vibrating, abundance-repelling thinking into the mindset of gratitude and attraction of overall well-being and abundance.

Doing this meditation regularly each morning and/or evening just for one week will bring noticeable changes in all aspects of your life.

This meditation combines the knowledge, science and most importantly the practice of several spiritual schools of thought that I have been studying and practicing.

Benefits Beyond Relaxation

  • Facilitates a positive attitude change and helps you maintain it throughout the day.
  • Raises your overall vibration and improves your mood
  • Makes you feel more present, more confident about your future, and more open to abundance
  • One 30-minute session combines practice of several spiritual technologies concurrently