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Staas Yudenko

Spiritual Coach
Soul Healing Facilitator
Certified PEAT Processor
PEAT Trainer

If you feel there’s an invisible force that prevents you from living your life to the fullest despite your conscious efforts and wishes, you may have entered a life period in which the soul wounds of your past traumatic experiences and ancestral memories are activated in your consciousness. These wounds enable old patterns of thinking and behavior that may have been relevant in the past as a coping or defense mechanism, but are no longer in the present time. And even though you may logically understand that you no longer want to react that way, you may not be able to control these deep-seated automatic behaviors and limiting thoughts; otherwise, you would have already done so.

In my coaching sessions, I facilitate soul healing to gently heal such wounds. The memories of these wounds are carried in your body, mind and subconscious. Soul healing releases negative emotions, nonserving behaviors and limiting beliefs that prevent you from living your full potential and enjoying life.

As a result, my clients experience profound self-acceptance and unconditional love for themselves.  Where previously my clients experienced confusion and lack of motivation, they gain clarity and determination to take action towards their goals and life vision. They stop perceiving life obstacles as a struggle and begin to see them as part of an eternal life dance that can be handled with grace, ease, and serenity.

Soul healing releases stuck negative emotions, nonserving behaviors and limiting beliefs that are stored in your body, mind and subconscious, and prevent you from living your full potential and enjoying life.

Master Sticky Negative Emotions

  • Do you get stuck in negative emotions that make you feel paralyzed in life, work or business?
  • Are you struggling to understand, control or let go of these sticky emotions?
  • Do you spend a long time brooding or procrastinating?
  • Do you feel powerless over your mood changes?
  • Do your emotions negatively affect your life?

Some people have a challenge in processing negative, and sometimes positive, emotions in a healthy way.  These people experience emotions more intensely and viscerally than other people.  Emotions do not simply come and go for these people. They overwhelm them, overtake their consciousness through negative thoughts, make them experience physical ailments, and hinder their lives. Some of the life challenges they may experience are: difficulty with keeping focus, starting multiple projects and not being able to complete them, frequent mood swings, procrastination, stuck-ness, depression, and low self-esteem. In addition to their own emotions, they deeply feel and get affected by other people’s emotions. People like this are known to possess a higher than average ability for empathy and emotional IQ, which can be a gift, when they know how to use it, or a curse, when these emotions control and hinder their lives.

In my 20’s, I discovered that I was one of those people. Some of us identify as Highly Sensitive People (HSP) or call ourselves Natural Empaths, while others feel they carry karmic, ancestral, or childhood soul wounds.

Thanks to Spiritual Technologies, Energy Psychology and other healing modalities, which I explored and honed over a period of 10 years, I developed life strategies and tools to handle negative emotions, keep sustainable emotional balance, mental focus and joy in my life. And now I am sharing this wisdom with my clients by facilitating soul healing sessions and teaching them how to use these tools on their own.

Soul healing sessions enable one to handle negative emotions with grace, keep sustainable emotional balance and mental focus, and cultivate joy in one’s life.

Heal Your Broken Heart

  • Are you recovering after a breakup or divorce, and struggling to forgive, let go, and move on?
  • Are you grieving after a peaceful breakup and challenged to bounce back to life?
  • Are you burdened by a decision to either stay or go?
  • Are you cheated on and unable to forgive?

Any form of relationship ending causes a trauma for one’s psyche, regardless of whether the parting was peaceful or not.  The parting often activates various negative emotions and archetypal memories of loss and shock which can slow down your life, keep you depressed for long periods of time, and even create health problems. My coaching work in this aspect of human lives is focused on teaching you to release these negative emotions with ease and expediency not only on the conscious level but also on a deeper soul level. During our sessions we will heal the archetypal memories of all severed relationships in your soul’s and ancestral history.  Healing your broken or burdened heart will profoundly improve your future relationships and bring you back faster to your normal pace of life.

Fall in Love with Yourself and Your Life

  • Do you resent or blame yourself for your life situation, career choice, or destiny?
  • Do you feel that you are not good enough, not doing enough, or have failed in life?
  • Do you feel it is too late to change your life course?
  • Do you feel that life has dealt you bad cards?
  • Do you compare yourself to your friends and colleagues and secretly hold resentment towards them for their success?
  • Do you feel confused about direction in life and ashamed that you can’t figure it out?
  • Are you filled with regret for giving up on yourself, your dreams, or your vision?

At certain points in life, you may experience a growing dissatisfaction with yourself. This background dissatisfaction may even exist when all aspects of your life seem to be fine, but inside you may feel a nagging discontent. You may be filled with regret that you made wrong choices in life, or light sadness that there is no deeper meaning, or that it is too late to change anything and you are stuck. Some people call this a mid-life crisis, but it can be experienced at any stage of our lives. These are the turning points in our personal and soul journey.  Your soul gently nudges you to evolve, to push through the walls of your comfort zone, to clear some heavy baggage in your consciousness, and create psychic and emotional space for new exciting adventures. But when you don’t answer or hear your soul’s call, you may experience an inner frustration and dissatisfaction. It may even feel like you are betraying yourself.

Soul healing sessions can give an opportunity to hear your soul, provide insights into what is causing your discontent, help you reach self-acceptance, cultivate deep appreciation for yourself and your life, heal self-imposed perceptual limits, and offer clarity and determination to pursue what you want.

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