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Advantages of Using Spiritual Technologies in Life Coaching (Part 2)

Advantages Of Using Spiritual Technologies In Life Coaching (Part 2)

Profound and Organic Changes in Behavior, Habits, and Reality

  • Rapid results
  • Practical and simple
  • You do not have to be spiritual
  • Long-lasting, if not permanent, changes
  • Harmonious changes in behavior and reality
  • Spontaneous understanding of spiritual truths

The main reason why I employ Spiritual Technologies in my coaching practice is their ability to effectively and organically change one’s no-longer-serving habits or behaviors, while healing the subconscious traumas and beliefs that created them.

You are probably aware of how difficult it is to develop a new habit, let alone a new behavior. “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” they say. Scientists believe that one needs to repeat a new behavior or habit 21-30 times for them to stick. Lots of psychological and motivational programs and tools have been designed around these scientific findings. Nevertheless, very few people are actually able to stick to these challenging programs because they require a lot of conscious effort and repetition, which takes a lot of energy. The reason it is so hard to change a certain behavior because it is usually based on a subconscious belief that unconsciously evokes an unpleasant feeling we want to avoid. These powerful subconscious or conscious beliefs are usually conditioned by our emotional experiences firmly recorded in our minds.

When I began to use Spiritual Technologies for my coaching clients, they started noticing almost miraculous changes in their behaviors and emotional patterns in a much shorter time. Things that took years, months, or seemed completely impossible to change began shifting. They reported that these changes were ever so gentle and organic that, at first, they could not even acknowledge or specify them, as if they had been acting and feeling this way in the first place. Eventually, they would reach an Ah-ha! moment, where they catch themselves acting in a new way. Which is followed by the realization that they no longer even need to put conscious effort into these new behaviors. They start doing them willingly. Others report that these changes happen almost overnight, as if the Universe herself re-arranged their reality.

What happens is that instead of trying to consciously change a behavior, Spiritual Technologies go to the core – transforming an emotional experience that created the subconscious or conscious belief, on which the negative behavior or habit was formed in the first place. Once your emotional reaction or memory is healed, your beliefs change. Once your beliefs change, your behavior, thinking, and reality will follow suit – they adjust to the new belief system organically and gently.

Spontaneous Awakening and Spiritual Growth through Personal Experience

As I mentioned in Part I, Spiritual Technologies work even if you are agnostic or an atheist. However, I have observed an interesting phenomenon in my clients. After some time using ST, my clients, including the agnostics, begin to understand profound spiritual truths through actually experiencing them in sessions. They begin describing their experiences by quoting or paraphrasing spiritual texts that they have never read or are barely familiar with. For example, the phrase “Turn another cheek” starts to have a new meaning for them because they have actually experienced and felt the truth behind the words in their body, and not merely have thought of it as a good, but impractical, concept. Some have profound spiritual realizations about their existence that changes their whole life perspective.

For clients who are interested in delving deeper into the spiritual nature of reality and self, there are two specific processes that I conduct after they have had a few regular coaching sessions. They are Individual Gnostic Intensive (or “direct experience of truth”), about which I will write in my next article and Neutralization of Primordial Polarities – which is the merging of the primary duality of one’s perception. These techniques allow one to have a direct or conscious experience of the Universal Consciousness, Unity Consciousness, or the state of non-duality.

What are These Spiritual Technologies?

Spiritual Technologies is a term coined by the Serbian author, philosopher, mystic, spiritual teacher, and psychotherapist Zivorad Mihajlovic Slavinski to describe the plethora of techniques and systems that he developed over a period of 60 years based on the philosophies, spiritual practices and ancient medicine from the East and the sciences of the body and mind from the West.

They include Basic PEAT and Deep PEAT (Primordial Energy Activation and Transcendence), DP2, DP4, Aspectics, Excalibur, Gnostic Intensive, Transcendence, etc.

The integration of the Eastern and Western approaches by Dr. Slavinski produced powerful healing modalities which facilitate rapid and lasting results and whose effectiveness has been proven over and over in my personal growth and my work with clients. These techniques activate logical thinking, body’s wisdom, emotions, intuition and – if you believe that – Higher Universal Consciousness, involving the left and right sides of our brains, and make them work synchronistically. As a result, healing happens holistically – at all levels of consciousness – at the levels of the body, mind, and soul. Even though, Spiritual Technologies are not psychotherapy or psychology by definition – these modalities have a powerful therapeutic effect. Therefore, they are often referred to as Energy Psychology or Existential Psychology.

Spiritual Technologies help one organically clear their perception from false identifications with limiting beliefs and suffering, and build a deeper faith in and reliance on Higher Self, Universal Consciousness and intuition, guiding one to be willing to arise to their full potential. And even though you will not be enlightened overnight with Spiritual Technologies, but you will gain a lot more experiential knowledge of what spirituality is.

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