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How are Limitations and Limiting Beliefs Formed?

How Are Limitations And Limiting Beliefs Formed?

limitationsLet me explain the mechanism by which some of our limitations are formed. You have a desire, you make steps to achieve it and you do not manage to do it on your first attempt. You make a conclusion based on what you have seen in your life and what you have been taught by your parents, friends, and teachers that this experience means failure. Moreover, you create an emotional memory, usually a negative one, attached to that experience. After several similar “failed” attempts, you generalize them into a rule – limitation. Something like “I will never succeed in this activity” or “This is hard to achieve this”, “I can’t speak in public” and so on and so on. Then in order to avoid that unpleasant emotion, you avoid the activity, justify it, and even become proud of it , by announcing it to the world – “I’m bad with this or that.” There you go, you have cut out some of the possibilities from your life.

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