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How Los Angeles is like an Olympic spiritual gym?

How Los Angeles Is Like An Olympic Spiritual Gym?

An inquiry from a potential client inspired these ramblings and I am thankful for it.

I understand how living in Los Angeles can appear challenging. Los Angeles has a reputation of the city of large egos. I call Los Angeles one of the best “gyms” for the spirit and “an ultimate playground or trap” for the ego – the duality that provides an amazing opportunity to wake up to your true Self. On one hand, our consciousness can by trapped by the shiny and glitzy ego games – after all, it is the capital of ego enshrinement. For some, eventually, the ego games turn into suffering which is then sought to be avoided by various ways of distractions – drinking, drugs, sex, consumerism, etc. On the other hand this suffering can be looked at as a gift for your consciousness to let go of some ego structures and identifications, to liberate itself.

Think of it this way. When athletes train for the Olympics, they train to keep the focus and be at peak performance under an enormous amount of stress – while millions or billions of eyes watching and competing against the strongest and best athletes of the world. They train to spend no time on doubt and fear thoughts and keep their focus on what they are doing – being in the moment.

So Los Angeles provides an abundant “gym” of triggers (challenges, obstacles, distractions, addictions) to transcend or learn not to react to. By transcending I mean being at peace and aware when in a presence of a “trigger.” And even though spiritual journey is not about being “the best” at meditation and has nothing to do with competition, if you were to quickly liberate your spirit, get in touch with the Universal flow and have your personal direct experience of Truth, wouldn’t transcending the hardest situations be the best way to liberate yourself? In other words, if you want to learn to be at peace in the midst of chaos, your best training would be to practice being at peace in the midst of chaos. So I feel that for some people, including me, Los Angeles is exactly that place of extremes, where your ego can grow stronger and so can the spirit (your awareness of your Higher self) – that is why I was drawn here – so I can face the situations which would provide me with the most opportunity for growth and understanding on my journey.

I know you may want to say “if only this journey weren’t so painful and frustrating.” And I can relate, I have “hit the brick wall” myself many times. Eventually, I had to learn to see that the walls are not solid and I can pass through them unscathed. I have found a few amazing ways of making this journey more pleasant through spiritual technologies. I do not claim that my approach is the only way, I am sure there are others, but I found these techniques created the most profound shifts of consciousness – and without any substances!!!

Spiritual techniques help people experience peace in the middle of their perceived chaos. Not only understand it on a conscious level but actually feel it, be aware of it in face of their challenges. The experience of peace builds a bridge between your subconscious and conscious, which allows for the realization to happen that it is up to you to choose how to feel about any problem and that suffering is optional. This realization happens on all levels of your being and feels really liberating.

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