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How to Eliminate Negative Beliefs About Your Appearance?

How To Eliminate Negative Beliefs About Your Appearance?

Using spiritual technologies like Basic PEAT, the Spinner, the Fingertip Method and others, covered in my free ebooks and webinars, you can quickly eliminate negative beliefs about your appearance. I will talk about it in this article. Read on! 

female-body-satisfactionSometimes you may have a fleeting negative thought about your appearance. You are not happy with it in one way or another. You think you are too short, too tall, too fat, too skinny, too freckly, too pale, or too something else…

When these thoughts come and go, nothing is wrong with that. But when these thoughts seem to visit you more frequently, you cannot shake them, and they start making you upset, depressed and unsure of yourself, these thoughts can start causing serious harm on emotional, behavioral, and even physical levels. Such thoughts, charged with negative emotions, can quickly become your core beliefs. In fact, you may already have some of these unconscious beliefs running your life.

Negative Beliefs about Your Appearance

You may seem there is something grotesque or abnormal about your appearance, even though your friends and family state otherwise. You may think you have a crooked nose, thin hair, disproportionate body, big moles, double chin, cross-feet wrinkles, big ears, etc. You think you are too fat, too thin, too short, too tall, etc.  And you are sure that everybody notices your “defect.” Sometimes you can actually develop some physical conditions because of the stuck emotions of the past traumas. Processing these past events with Basic PEAT may release your negative beliefs about your appearance and eliminate the unpleasant physical condition.

What Harm Can Negative Beliefs Do?

Destroy Your Mood

Can affect your mood. Leaving you depressed, lazy, unsociable, and unfriendly. And you may blame yourself for feeling this way, but can’t do anything about it.

Limit Your Behavior

You become less confident and your self-esteem plummets. Don’t want to participate in social activities.  You are not comfortable going on dates. You feel you don’t belong among your “more fit” and “perfect” peers.  You go to the gym and when you don’t see fast results, you quit your gym membership and binge on food. You may go for frequent consultations from a plastic surgeon. Or be obsessed with Botox injections.

Develop or Worsen Unpleasant Physical Problems

You may develop or worsen some physical condition psychosomatically. For example: acne, hives, excessive wrinkles, rosacea, allergies, hormonal imbalances, heartburn, etc. You may age faster. Obsession with body weight can create all sorts of eating disorders and stomach problems.

Spiritual Technologies Can Help

Using techniques like Basic PEAT, the Spinner, the Fingertip Method or others, you can quickly eliminate these thoughts.

3 Cases of People Who Used Spiritual Technologies and Their Results

A beautiful young lady had large hips. She tried everything to reduce the size of her hips. While working on forgiveness towards her father, she realized that she held her pain and hatred towards him in her hips. Using the Spinner method, she quickly transformed a painful memory of abuse by her father. A month later, she finally started losing weight in her hips.

Another female client  was obssessed with her weight and not being able to stick to exercise. Primarily she was concerned that men are not be attracted to her because she was not fitness model. After a few sessions with Basic PEAT and Deep PEAT, she was amazed to find that her weight did not bother her. Moreover, she started doing yoga and changed her eating habits. Her self-esteem rose and as a result, she found that men were attracted to her and they did not seem to be repelled by her shape.

A gay man, bodybuilder, was obsessed with the fact that he was not big enough. Continuously trying to bulk up, he has been using steroids.  After doing several Basic PEAT sessions, he stopped using steroids. During one of the sessions, he received an insight as to why he was obsessed with bulking up. He realized he was subconsciously trying to prove to his dad he was not a «sissy». He did a Basic PEAT process on the conversation with dad, forgave him and stopped being obsessed with his body size.

Basic PEAT

By removing emotional charges from beliefs, Basic PEAT makes them lose importance and meaning, allowing one to dissolve them and liberate oneself from their influence.

Working on Beliefs about Your Appearance

If you haven’t already downloaded Basic Manual, do so, by signing up for my Newsletter “Heal Yourself Tips” or by using the link provided in the newsletter in the sidebar.

Below are two typical algorithms to use with Basic PEAT when working on negative beliefs about your appearance.

Algorithm A (without the visual trigger)

I recommend using these steps when you are not aware or do not have a specific event that triggers your emotional state or your belief.

  1. Identify the thought about your appearance that makes you feel bad about yourself. For example: I think I am too short.
  2. How much you believe it is true on a scale 0 – 10.  For example: 6
  3. What emotion do you feel when you think this thought?  Upset and helpless
  4. What body sensations do you have when you feel these emotions? Pressure in my solar plexus.
  5. Now you can do the Basic PEAT process with: (a) thought: I’m too short (b) emotion: upset and helpless (с) body sensations: pressure in solar plexus.

Algorithm B (with the visual trigger)

If you are aware of a specific event that causes you to feel bad about your appearance, use this algorithm.

  1. Identify a trigger (specific event) that causes you to think negatively of your appearance.  Choose a moment in the event that has the most emotional charge and make a mental snapshot of it. For example: seeing a picture of a celebrity who is tall.
  2. What thought do you think when you see it? For example: I will never be that tall.
  3. What emotion do you feel when the trigger event happens and you think that thought above? For example:  anger, frustration
  4. How strong is that emotion on a scale from 0 to 10?  For example: 8
  5. What body sensations do I feel when I feel that way? For example: my throat tightens.
  6. Now using the four elements of perception you identified, do the Basic PEAT process, until the emotion goes down to 0? And follow the rest of the Basic PEAT protocol.
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