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How to Raise Self-Esteem and Gain Confidence? Part 1

How To Raise Self-Esteem And Gain Confidence? Part 1

Do you like yourself? A lot of my friends and clients secretly admit that they often do not.  And even though on the surface they appear successful and smiling, deep inside they often doubt themselves.  Even though your first answer to this question maybe yes, do you have situations in which you feel you are worse than others? Maybe you sometimes feel that you are not competent enough, do not possess enough of a certain quality, have not achieved enough, and that nobody loves you – and that you are to blame for all this.  The world will treat you the same way how you feel about yourself. What if I could teach how to change these feelings and pretty fast?

If you already know Basic PEAT technique from my workshops or from the manual which you downloaded from my website, you are familiar with how quickly you can transform any traumatic experience.  Basic PEAT videos can be found here   and Basic PEAT Manual can be downloaded on my front page by signing up to Heal Yourself Tips.

Basic PEAT activates an automatic and natural emotion release mechanism, which allows you to change how you feel about any situation within 5-15 minutes.  We will be using Basic PEAT when working with self-esteem.

We feel bad about ourselves based on the limiting beliefs we form about ourselves.  For example, the belief could be “I am not capable of running my own business” or “I am not good with people” or other. This could be because we remember the time when we failed at running a business or failed resolving a conflict with a person. We form our beliefs based on our past experiences and the negative feelings that we associate with those experiences. What if we could forget or erase how we felt about these past experiences?  Well, without emotion attached to the past experience,  the belief on which it was formed disappears, becomes irrelevant.  Basic PEAT does EXACTLY that.  So, here’s the algorithm of working on any limiting belief with Basic PEAT.

  1. State the belief.  How strongly do you think it is true on the scale 0-10?
  2. What earliest experience that you remember that tells you that your belief is true? (if it is hard to remember the earliest experience, remember the recent ones)
  3. Do the Basic PEAT process on that experience.
  4. How strong is your belief now on the scale of 0-10?
  5. If it is not 0, repeat this process from step 2.
  6. If it is 0 or you feel that belief is no longer relevant or true, write down the opposite positive belief. And then run the Basic PEAT process on it, too, to stabilize the opposite positive belief.

Sometimes, while you are processing one experience, another experience comes to your mind. So, take record of it. Finish the process on the first experience and then switch to the one you recorded.

To work on one belief may take 15-90 minutes depending on how strong it is. But you will feel a lot more empowered, liberated, and relaxed about yourself.

If you would like to learn how else you can use Basic PEAT, check out the workshop pre-registration page.

Love and Light,

– Staas Yudenko

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