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Mind-bending video lecture by Ian Xel Lungold ‘The Mayan Calendar Comes North’

Welcome to the Evolution … the Evolution of Consciousness …

First time I saw this film was in 2005 and it forever changed my life. Since then I have watched many times and I learn something new every time. The lecture starts a bit slow at first, but towards the middle of it, you will be sitting at the edge of your seat. So buckle your seat belts.

This 3-hour film is a presentation based on Dr. Calleman’s breakthrough discoveries of the structure of the Mayan Calendar as it relates to the Evolution of Consciousness. “Ian takes a complex subject such as the Mayan Calendar and makes it very easy to understand on a personal level.” He also clearly points out how the Schedule of Creation can be tracked when one looks at past historical events and relates that information to what to expect in the near future leading up to 2012. This 3-hour film also includes questions from the audience and is the fastest way to get up to speed on the topic of the Mayan Calendar.

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