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Why Do I Use Spiritual Technologies in my Life Coaching Practice? (Part 1)

Why Do I Use Spiritual Technologies In My Life Coaching Practice? (Part 1)

Spiritual Technologies (ST) changed my life. I have not only become a student of Spiritual Technologies, but also a coach-practitioner. When I discovered ST, I had already tried countless modalities, therapies, mind-training programs and spiritual systems.  Before I tell you what Spiritual Technologies are, let me share with you the most interesting part: why I made them an integral part of my life coaching practice?

Art by Cameron Gray

Benefits of Spiritual Technologies

  • Rapid results
  • Practical and simple
  • You do not have to be spiritual
  • Long-lasting, if not permanent, results
  • Harmonious changes in behavior and reality
  • Spontaneous understanding of spiritual truths

Rapid Results or “Psychotherapy on Steroids”

I could not believe it at first (and neither could my clients) that it was possible to experience such fast improvements in one’s emotional and mental states. Where once I used to hold on to certain negative emotions or experiences for weeks, months and sometimes even years, a session with ST could bring me to a state of peace, acceptance, and forgiveness in 15 to 60 minutes. Most sessions, especially in the beginning last 1 to 1.5 hours, but with more practice, they get shorter. Imagine having a phobia of spiders (swimming, flying on a plane, etc) or carrying a memory of a traumatic event all your life and completely overcoming or releasing them in 1-2 sessions.  Of course, these results are most optimistic, and not everyone will have the same results. Certain people may need longer sessions and more of them.  Nevertheless, achieving positive results from ST coaching sessions have been a lot faster than the never-ending and often ineffective visits to psychotherapists or psychologists. Hence the humorous term that some of the clients gave to my coaching sessions “psychotherapy on steroids.”

Practicality And Simplicity: You Do Not Have To Be Spiritual

Most spiritual modalities that I had tried started with a long-winded philosophical and theoretical explanations which you had to understand before you could start applying them in your life. Sometimes, you had to read a whole book or two before you get to something actionable and doable, if at all.  Yet other programs required taking numerous steps for a long time before you could experience any result and actually feel it – so most people would quit half-way. Basic PEAT,  on the other hand – one of the simplest and powerful Spiritual Technologies about which I wrote a short manual – is very practical. You just follow the instructions, do the steps as described, and you will get a result. With Basic PEAT, you do not even have to consider yourself spiritual or believe in healing energy, Universal Consciousness or the Law of Attraction to get a solid experiential result. And by experiential, I mean, it will not be an intellectual understanding of what peace, acceptance or forgiveness are, you will actually FEEL them. Your body will feel them and so will your mind.

Long-Lasting Results

With simpler and most recent traumas and challenges,  the healing that comes with Spiritual Technologies tends to be fast and permanent. Almost, as if the situation did not happen to you, but to someone else, and you just heard of it.  For example, say you held some resentment against someone for a particular event or action, and you could not forgive them. After processing the situation with a Spiritual Technology, you will experience peace and forgiveness, you will actually feel it. In ST session, people often feel forgiveness in their body before their mind catches up to that feeling, as if mind can not believe that forgiveness truly happened – mind doubts it. It is experienced as if you logically understand that you should be still holding a grudge and/or seek revenge, but you forgot how.  And because it feels good to forgive, you do not want to even remember how to stay upset about it, even if you try.

Deeper issues require more skillful processing and usually require a facilitator. These issues are usually old and stem from subconscious core limiting beliefs and memories of traumatic events. They often represent a network of multiple challenges attached and bundled together.  That is where usually a help of a coach-practitioner is required to catch the inner resistance, expressed as fears and doubts, and address them. Therefore, the protocol of most Spiritual Technologies includes processing that subconscious resistance. Once all of it is addressed, the original issue gently melts away and becomes irrelevant.

Having practiced ST for a few years,  I realized why the results were so long-lasting, if not permanent. We learn faster and better on our own experiences and our own mistakes.  In a ST coaching session, client makes a decision to heal, accept or forgive on his own will, without any suggestion from the facilitator. It is a client’s choice. So, the learned reverse psychology mechanism (when children do the opposite of what parents tell them) does not even come into play.  Once again, the healing and learning processes in ST is experiential – not intellectual.

To Be Continued

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