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Q&A Coaching with Staas

Let’s start with the common misconceptions.  As a spiritual life coach, I am not your best friend, nagging mother, guru or therapist. I am your advocate and guide, but I am not here to tell you what to do or guilt-trip you into action.  I am an expert at the process of changing behavior to achieve a certain outcome or goal – which can be more valuable than giving instructions. The process of changing behavior that I facilitate involves healing subconscious emotional resistance and traumas (blocks) as well as building new supporting habits with the help of spiritual techniques. Both healing and building habits are done by your own choice and of your own free will as opposed to other prescriptive approaches. In other words, you choose to heal, and you choose to change your behavior.

During the first session, I briefly describe the technique or techniques that we will be using in our sessions.

  1. I show various meridian energy points (based on the Ancient Chinese Medicine), which the client will lightly stimulate throughout a session.
  2. Then, we clear energetic resistance and synchronize three major parts of the brain – reptilian (basal ganglia) , mammal (limbic), and human (neocortex). All of this is done so that there is as little subconscious resistance (self-sabotage) as possible during the session.
  3. Next, I show the client how their consciousness and perception will talk to them using a couple of simple questions.
  4. Now, we talk about client’s challenge(s) and goal(s). Using a Meridian Wisdom technique, I guide the client to identify what needs to be worked on the most in today’s session.
  5. Then, I explain that a current problem the client experiences may be a symptom of a deeper problem, so during the session, I encourage not to edit or steer the stream of consciousness and trust and report everything that comes up. I have found that Higher Consciousness will always guide the session towards the root problem, even if you fight it. For example, a self-realization or career-change challenge may be deep-rooted unresolved emotions from childhood, stemming from interactions with family members. So, even though we may start from a career challenge, in the course of the session, we may end up healing the relationship with a parent or a sibling. Although on the surface these conflicts may seem unrelated, on the subconscious level, they are deeply intertwined.
  6. Sometimes, a challenge experienced by the client is a manifestation of a deeper existential (life) conflict that  client’s soul is learning. That type of session can become very abstract, and the themes that surface may become very archetypal and global, such as good and evil, light and darkness, trust and fear, love and hatred.
  7. Ultimately, in the course of the session, the subconscious conflict (or the so-called “cognitive dissonance”) from which the challenge stems gets resolved. As a result, the challenged perceived by the client becomes irrelevant and completely disappears. For certain challenges, the complete resolution does not happen after the first few sessions, and requires more work. Nonetheless, after each session the client experiences significant relief, clarity and learning.

Nowadays most life coaches work over the phone or Skype, so it is not a novel concept. It is true, though, that my style of coaching is predominantly based on energy healing, and one would expect working with me in close proximity. And indeed, when I started my practice, I saw clients in person.  However, in our working together, I serve as a facilitator, where you are your own healer. You use your own energy system to heal yourself. I am here to guide you through that process. That is one of the advantages of working with my approach – you make new decisions yourself, and that is why you stick to them.  Once I started traveling around the world, I had to resort to working over Skype. In the process, my clients and I discovered several new benefits of working remotely.  First of all, you do not need to waste time on driving somewhere for our session. Second, you work in a comfort of your own home or office, in your own space, which makes you more at ease, more relaxed, more casual, and less distracted.  Third, during the session, you keep your eyes closed for the most part and you do not need to see me. Having a distance psychologically allows you to focus more inwardly than on what is happening outside.  Last, working remotely somehow makes one easier to be more open with their feelings, as you become less occupied with keeping up appearances and more focused on getting results.

Unlike other typical coaching sessions, my client sessions are non-prescriptive: I do not tell you what you should or need to do. This is primarily because you already know what you should or need to do, BUT you simply are not willing or you are resisting the action on a subconscious level. I help you to identify exactly what is holding you back and melt it away….

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