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Deep PEAT, in contrast to Basic PEAT, works with the whole themes of challenges and emotional conflicts, using perceptual dualities. Processing a problem with Deep PEAT is as if peeling an onion layer-by-layer or opening Russian Matryoshka dolls stacked one within another. Going through Deep PEAT reveals the core perceptual confusion that brought about the experience of a given problem.  In addition to the current problem, it addresses a whole theme of relevant problems on the existential level.  Unlike Basic PEAT, Deep PEAT requires to be learned with a PEAT trainer and is more easily done with a facilitator rather than by yourself. You can do it on yourself, but it requires rigorous training and ongoing self-practice.  Deep PEAT is truly a healing art, as being a good Deep PEAT processor requires a combination of intuition, attention to detail, and empathy. One of the applications of Deep PEAT is merging of one’s Primary Polarities, which in short can be explained as the main perceptual duality of one’s consciousness that influences one’s life and often causes one’s suffering.

At the moment, Deep PEAT (DP) is the most powerful system of spiritual technologies created by Zivorad Slavinski. It is used in the work with difficult, chronic emotional, spiritual and physical challenges. During the process of DP, the facilitator guides a client through the layers of subconscious content, which lies at the basis of the initial problem. As result of this process, client returns to the point of the initial split of consciousness, separation from the state of wholeness and Unity. This primary split can always be described and is experienced by the client as a pair of polarities, such as “freedom and limitation”, “contraction and expansion”, “I and the other”. At the moment when the client re-experiences this initial split, the charge between polarities is neutralized and the problem disappears. One DP session can last from 20 mintues to 2 hours. For a complete problem resolution, it is usually enough to have 1-4 sessions of Deep PEAT.


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