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Soul Tuning Session




Soul Tuning Session is a 60-70 minute deep soul healing session during which I use a combination of powerful Spiritual Technologies to identify and heal an inner conflict that either posits a current life challenge or supports a core limiting belief in your consciousness.

During this session, I will guide to intuitively identify a challenge around which you need to have a healing. Alternatively, you will be guided to do a healing around a core limiting belief that you may have inherited from your ancestors.

Below are some of the main examples or beliefs created and passed on by soul wounds:

  • I’m alone.
  • I’m a disappointment. I am a failure. I am bad.
  • I don’t belong. I’m different. I am weird. I’m crazy.
  • I am lost.
  • I’m a burden.
  • I’m not enough. I’m inferior. I’m wrong.
  • I don’t have. I am poor. I am deprived. I am impoverished.
  • I’m not important. I don’t matter. I am not heard.
  • I’m invisible. I’m not loved. I’m not wanted. I’m unworthy. I’m worthless.
  • I’m powerless. I’m helpless. I’m weak.
  • I’m not safe.
  • I’m too much.
  • I’m special.
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