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Some of the challenges I help my clients with:

  • Increase personal effectiveness and productivity
  • Recover fast after a break-up or divorce
  • Increase self-esteem and confidence
  • Heal your grief, sadness, or depression
  • Gain clarity and confidence with life direction
  • Change your reality, change your life
  • Learn to see the illusion of suffering and problems
  • Get in the flow of the Universe. Learn to enjoy your life
  • Do things only by inspiration and inner guidance

My life coaching  approach (“The Tao”) creates profound and rapid life breakthroughs – in health, family, love, relationships, work, money, and spiritual growth. It is significantly different from anything you have previously heard about coaching. My approach is based on the understanding that health, behavior, and psychological well being are fundamentally related to the body’s own energy system.

Your reality reflects your thoughts. Change your thoughts, and your world will change. Easy said than done!

Most contemporary coaching and psychotherapy approaches emphasize using your mind to change your behaviors or beliefs. That is, if you change your thoughts,  you change your behavior.  If you ever tried changing a thought or behavior habit, you probably have noticed it is not an easy task to do.  Some psychologists say you need to repeat a new behavior at least 7 times to break an old pattern.  In other words,  it requires serious effort, discipline and analysis, to which most of us simply can’t commit.  After trying a few times, we eventually give up a new way of thinking or doing thing and switch back to the old patterns.

Shifting, or balancing, energy around a perceived challenge automatically and organically changes the belief or behavior. Behind any perceived challenge, there is an emotional resistance out which it is hard to “think your way out.”  In other words, if you could resolve your resistance consciously, you would have done it already, wouldn’t you? Until that resistance exists, no amount of action, discipline, and effort will make a big difference in the situation. The latest spiritual technologies allow us to quickly and willingly transform any challenge into greater awareness, clarity, and resolution.

I use several cutting-edge techniques for accelerated and lasting transformation in people, which come from the fields of Energy Psychology and Meridian & Energy Therapies. Some of these techniques are PEAT, TAT and EFT.

These technologies work from the idea that we are not just physical bodies, but also energy bodies. And that by working with the energy body, we can shift the experience of the physical. It was found that by touching or tapping the energy points while focusing attention on an issue, an individual is able to access a deeper knowledge about the issue and shift his or her emotional attachment to it. This usually leads to a much deeper understanding of the issue, providing the true meaning behind it, and usually its complete resolution.

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