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Prior to sessions with Staas, I knew my inner issues, one of which was shame. Yet it is one thing to know the problem and another – to have a solution. Logically knowing that shame was the root of my issues was great, but it was not enough to get rid of it. The issues were still there. The sessions I had with Staas turned out quite unexpected. During our work on my concerns, the things that came to mind were very visual and, at times, logically bizarre and unrelated. Yet by working on them, some of the issues seemed to resolve even during the session. At the end of one of the sessions, I had a great desire to laugh. As the result of our sessions, I have a feeling of ease. I feel more lightness and joy in most of the things I do. It seems as if there is a different new tone to life. The change is subtle, yet very powerful.

P.S. I’ve found more enjoyment in my work lately

– Andrei Dzhunkovsky, Film Director
Moscow, Russia

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