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Before I started the session, I really did not think it was going to work, but I was willing to give it a try. I have been single for several months now since my breakup. I was hurt by what happened, just wanted to move on, and not let it affect me anymore. It was taking so much energy out of me. During the session I was really surprised on how well it was going.

I was crying during the session and I was getting in touch with myself. I was able to see my own point of view and how others would view me.  At the middle of the session, I looked inside and saw the good qualities that I have as a human being. I did not feel angry, sad or even happy, but I felt . By the end of the session, I felt like I was getting my mental strength back. It has been 24 hours since the session and I feel clear and in the head. I was even able to make a career decision that has been on my mind for several months. Moreover,  I started to view things differently. From this experience, I realized that everything I needed to be was a strong person and I had it all along.  I just needed to see it. The guidance that Staas gave me really helped.

– Andy Krkeyan, Personal Trainer

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