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When I first starting seeing Staas, I have to admit I was skeptical. I’d been stuck in a rut, trying to dig myself out of a two-year long ‘pity pit.’ Health issues and a bad break-up left me disempowered and questioning my purpose. I’d seen a couple of therapists prior to Staas. One let me dwell, and the other was sure that the only thing that could help me was the law of attraction. While there is certainly something to the latter, it’s quite difficult to focus on what you want when there are things holding you back.

I’ve had a few sessions with Staas now, and I have to say he’s helped me a lot. I’ve found him a great listener, quite intuitive, and insightful. He’s firm when he needs to be firm, but always supportive. He did a nice job of honing in on things that were holding me back, and helping me release that negative energy. He did this with clear focus and great sensitivity. And I always felt that he was on my side.

I can’t explain exactly why his techniques work, but they do. And I’m appreciative for the positive energy he’s brought into my life, and the renewed inspiration and newfound gratitude that I’ve found in myself.

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