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I have had several sessions with Staas and am a healer myself. I am therefore a fairly critical and discriminating consumer.

Staas has continually impressed me with his ability to very quickly guide me through befuddlement and stagnancy to states of unexpected clarity and forward direction in my life. After each session with Staas, I feel joyful, empowered, connected to my higher spiritual self, and very inspired to work toward new goals we’ve identified together.

Staas is truly gifted. A rare combination of tremendous intellect, fiery directness, warmth and compassion.

I always feel as though Staas patiently and meticulously holds me to my work at hand. He has amazing focus and persistence and takes whatever time is necessary to complete each session. Although Staas can clearly deliver results in one or two hours, I would strongly recommend ongoing life coaching sessions with Staas.

-Danny Givertz
Psychotherapist, Craniosacral Therapist
San Francisco, CA

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