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Initially, I approached Staas about his methodology merely out of curiosity. After an explanation from him about the approach and its potential benefits, I decided to use it to explore insecurities I had about my career. As we began the process, I was nervous with Staas’ questions and the honesty I had to offer. However, once we took that first step, and I allowed my subconscious to speak, my physical surroundings dimmed and I started to really hear myself.

My answers to Staas’ questions came slowly at first. But each answer was absorbed and built upon with another question which in turn solicited another answer and then question and so on, until I truly felt as if I were on a journey of discovery. I actually saw within myself the struggling personalities of anxiety and serenity. Fortunately, the experience culminated in feelings of ease and confidence that I continue to carry with me. I can truly say the sessions allowed me to explore the conflicting dualities within myself. It still amazes me that Staas claims I did this journey on my own!

– Gabriel Zobel, Financial Analyst
Los Angeles, CA

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