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I received everything I expected from the coaching process and more. I have tried many techniques, meditations, etc. prior to the sessions with Staas. However, I was still lost at this stage in my life and needed something deeper and more radical. Which is exactly what PEAT turned out to be. I had no idea what to expect. But, I am impressed with the results. I was able to resolve issues I did not realized I had (I was surprised when some of them appeared during our sessions). I have experienced many-many changes. I am definitely becoming more in touch with my deeper self and able to understand how to approach different situations and also which way to move forward. I can see my path so much clearer, and I am finally able to pinpoint what I want/need vs. what was programmed to need.  It’s really truly amazing. I can much more clearly identify my personal emotions vs someone else’s. Big change in how I feel about issues: less anxiety about not knowing. I also feel more gratitude for every day pleasures. I feel less guilt when putting my personal needs first. I got a lot of insights regarding my family, especially my mom and my grandmother. It is helping to understand why I am feeling certain things and behaving in certain way. I am able to say “no,” which was my biggest problem in relationship with friends and family. I can set and uphold healthy boundaries better with my family and friends, and uphold them without feeling guilty.

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