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Imagine attending the most amazing party where you experienced such fantastic moments that you have story after story to show and tell? And imagine that at this party, your list of attendees included the “who’s who” of your world and your life. That is what a session with magical Staas Yudenko is like.

I survived a terrible motorcycle accident 10 months ago. My body survived the crash that rendered me paraplegic (paralysis from the knees down). My mind survived….. in part…. My personality was affected tremendously, as I have had to adapt a new role and many new rules and boundaries in life. In the simplest of terms, the transition is difficult.

I met Staas two months after I was discharged from a seven month hospital stay. Talking with Staas is easy, fluid, natural. He invites you to chat with him, and you feel right at home on the phone, or in the comfort of your own space, on your terms.

Prior to working with Staas, each attempt I made to speak about the accident and the moments leading up to it, resulted in an involuntary lightbulb-sized lump rising in my throat, huge fleshy tears rolling down my cheeks, and sobbing…. I could usually tell the entire story, but it would take me awhile to gather my thoughts in between all the crying. While I formerly felt angry, powerless and fearful, I now accept what occurred.

I talk about the accident now – every detail I can remember, down to the yellow-colored shirt of the man who found me – as if I am telling a story. I still experience some pain and grief, of course, but the way my memories are stored is so much more functional now. This has made a huge difference in my life.

I believe Staas is a magician, but cooler, making him a wizard. Staas helps you work through your issues with your own magic.

-Margarita Verano, Speaker
Denver, Colarado 

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