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Like some other reviewers, I reached out to Staas and his methodology simply out of curiosity. I think it’s important to experience different perspectives and methodologies. That being said, I’ll quickly move onto the next experience or perspective if I don’t immediately see long term value.

I’d often assumed that life coaching was about correcting weaknesses and insecurities – and certainly Staas’ therapy method provides guidance to uncover and support efforts to improve ‘stuff’ that might not be going quite as well as you’d like.

But, more importantly, I think his methods help you look at situations you find yourself in regularly from a different perspective. With that new perspective, I’m able to see new opportunities that might take something in my life from pretty good to great.

I highly recommend Staas to anyone who wonders what Life Coaching is all about.

-Matthew A.
CEO, Cyclogram
Los Angeles, CA 

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