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I’ve known Staas since 1993, when he was a high school student and I was teaching Russian Literature and Language. It has always been a pleasure to communicate with such a bright person. In February 2010, for no certain reason, or maybe because of the access to Facebook, I decided to find him. After finding out what he does for people as a life coach, I decided to ask him for a couple of telephone sessions for myself. Right after the first 1.5 hours of the process, I felt as if somebody removed a heavy metallic device from my brain and body, which followed by my inner conflicting emotions disappearing.

My friends told me that I even started to sound differently and my skin began to glow. It seemed that my old emotional pain left me for good this time despite my strong belief that I had already handled my psychological problems long time ago. After the second telephone session, I felt from more emotional blocks and conflicts, and got a clear vision on the solutions to the problems that I could not resolve myself.  Now I  have got a clear understanding of what my vocational calling is and how to realize it in a new-for-me country (I came to Canada from Ukraine in 1998).

There are more sessions coming up, and I am looking forward to them because they rejuvenate me as a person who has always been looking for the connection to all levels of her being. I constantly seek spiritual enlightenment and read a lot on ancient philosophies such as Hermeneutics, Zen, Tao, Zoroastrianism, Kabbalah and others. Even though I am familiar with thousands of wisdom sources, I have now gotten a deeper understanding of how crucial it is to have guidance to our natural unfolding. I am grateful for the help that Staas has generously offered on my journey.

– Olga Galitskaya, Linguist
Toronto, Canada

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