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I have just done a workshop with Staas where I learned the Basic PEAT technique and the Spinner technique and I’m blown away. I am astounded by the experience I had. Staas got me get in touch with a very emotional memory. Something that I was holding on to and was very attached to the way I had experienced it. And then we went through two different techniques. One for one memory I had and one for a different memory. Both of them completely eradicated the emotions that I had attached to them. So, I literally can remember the experience that I had but I don’t I feel any emotions about it right now. It’s just a sort of a sense of seeing the thing that happened but not really caring about it. There’s no more fear, no more shame, no more mistrust in any of if. It’s just a sort of release and ‘Gosh … what’s next?’ sort of excitement and dom – dom because the things that happened in the past don’t feel like they are holding me back in any way. So I am really excited to go and apply this to all the parts of my life.

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– Roth H., Management Consultant
Los Angeles, CA

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