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Staas and I had worked previously before on Polarities which had given me great insight and access to a new way of seeing myself that was very healing. So when he asked if I would like to do Primes work I said yes!

He asked me to put my hand to my chest to activate the meridians so that my answers would come from a pure place. When he asked the most prominent polarity I wanted to work on, I was actually suprised to hear myself say “Life and Death”.

This is maybe the huge question of existence itself, why we are here and what it’s all about. Like Shakespeare said ‘To be, or not to be, that is the question!’

As we proceded, all sorts of floodgates opened, more personal at first, then as it progressed, other polarities arrived that were more universal in nature as far as how humans treat each other, the basic necessities of life, and why we are here on the planet.

I saw the difficulties my mother had being a single mother, my father never being around and not feeling wanted when I was born. I saw wanting to have a family myself, a team, creating unity. I saw the polarity of giving and receiving as being one in the same, where my family was together around a huge christmas table in a big house.

I saw the suffering of children without food and the polarity of suffering vs. nurturing, how countries fight over recources, how our whole world is an illusion and on and on.

It was deep, emotional, releasing…and then something began to happen. I saw scintillating light made of only love, an absolute ocean of consciousness, the energy from which everything is born and everything returns to. I even heard the song “Sea of Love” in my mind. I was floating.

The last processes gave me access to what wisdom this light wanted to tell me. I was now having an experience on all levels at the same time: Mentally, Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually.

I will not say here the wisdom it gave, as I have a feeling it is better for you to come to Staas and experience yourself. It was however deeply moving and inspiring, giving me access to a deeper love and peace than I had previously known. I was crying with gratitude!

When I opened my eyes the room was vibrating with this same scintillating light I had seen in my mind. The inside and outside were one! I felt like jello, like all the programs from my mind had been blended into a higher consciousness vibration that was literally changing my perception.

Since then I have had access to this awareness and love space in a way I never had. The closest I can describe it is like the famous author, William Blake:

‘If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is, infinite.’ Thanks to Staas I have access back to infinite light and love!

I am practicing accessing this space in my morning meditation, before I sleep at night, when I am grateful, when I am eating, in the bath…

…but the best time I practice is when I percieve, incorrectly, that there has been harm to me. I use this new awareness of love and light being everywhere present, seeing the unity in all! Illusion melts away into Divine Bliss and I am healed once again.

That is the true blessing of this work. Thank you Staas!

– Tiffany W. Gold & Precious Metals Specialist
Chicago, Illinois

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