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When I came to Staas in Feb. 2010 I had just finished one of the worst years of my life where the year before that had been one of my best. That being said, I was very clear that I have always had a “Feast-or-Famine” type program that was running my life, and this lastest round had been the worst by far.

I wanted to have a healing around this issue of lack and limitation vs. prosperity and abundance. After relaxing Staas asked me some questions while I was touching various meridian points on my own body. Very quickly I started seeing symbols of my problem. Staas then led me through an excercise to unify these two opposite energies.
Another picture came and I had a flood of emotion hit me as I realized I had been holding back my true purpose here on earth. As we dove deeper, I saw more symbols come to me, lighting the way to the meaning of my life. I was amazed at how clearly my subconscious was providing this information and how clearly I could see why I am on the planet.

We cleared any obstacles both in the present or in the future, that might prevent me from living my life’s true purpose. We ended by asking for a symbol to come to me that would represent this new understading. Very quickly a picture came to me that was so beautiful I wanted to weep wth gratitude. Now any time I focus on this symbol after the session, I have access to this higher consciousness that is now guiding me forward.

It was all a very unexpected outcome but the truer, deeper answer to my old programming of poverty vs. wealth. There have been several outcomes just from this one powerful session!

  • A: I have had a healing so that I can focus on what will bring me true wealth and reveal my true purpose.
  • B: I know what my purpose is on the planet, which I was never fully sure of before.
  • C: I have a deeper relationship with what made me, beyond any religion. I have a real relationship that is alive and real. It is like my Conscious and Subconscious, my Spirit and my Body, are talking again!
  • D: My life has meaning and purpose other than making money and spending it. I know I am here to make a difference that will bring me the Spiritual Gold I truly was seeking.
  • E: I have an actual visual picture I use as a Mantra to tap into this new energy. It is like a lighthouse to keep me on the path.

Staas is an amazing facilitator, helping to create the bridge between our body, emotions, intellect and spirit. Thank you for this beautiful work and I can’t wait to bring other issues to the table to shine clarity and light on all areas of my life! This is what evolution in action looks like.

Tiffany W.
Gold & Precious Metals Specialist
Chicago, Illinois

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