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I received everything I expected from the coaching process and more. I have tried many techniques, meditations, etc. prior to the sessions with Staas. However, I was still lost full testimonial

This has been the most beneficial personal work I have ever done for myself. I was seeking a means of becoming more in touch with myself and understanding why full testimonial

I found great value in working with Staas. After doing PEAT with him several times, I found myself to have gained a new peaceful constant for myself. Along with this, full testimonial

Prior to sessions with Staas, I knew my inner issues, one of which was shame. Yet it is one thing to know the problem and another - to have full testimonial

Your work is way better than Prozac and Bach Rescue Flower Remedies

Staas and I had worked previously before on Polarities which had given me great insight and access to a new way of seeing myself that was very healing. So full testimonial

I really feel terrific about the process of identifying and dealing with bloackages and other negative feelings using Basic PEAT and "The Spinner" techniques learned at the Basic PEAT full testimonial

I have just done a workshop with Staas where I learned the Basic PEAT technique and the Spinner technique and I'm blown away. I am astounded by the experience full testimonial

I've known Staas since 1993, when he was a high school student and I was teaching Russian Literature and Language. It has always been a pleasure to communicate with full testimonial

With my first session with Staas I did not know what to expect. It is kind of hard to explain how it actually works, but it does! I guess full testimonial

Hi, my name is Moriah and I have just experienced a session with Staas. He helped me to work through a challenge I am going through regarding my wealth full testimonial

Like some other reviewers, I reached out to Staas and his methodology simply out of curiosity. I think it's important to experience different perspectives and methodologies. That being said, I' full testimonial

Imagine attending the most amazing party where you experienced such fantastic moments that you have story after story to show and tell? And imagine that at this party, your full testimonial

As a psychic and spiritual healer I was interested in Staas' work. One thing many don't realize is that as spiritual workers we are often challenged getting at our full testimonial

I had an amazing experience with “Gnostic Intensive” facilitated by Staas. The process, although seems very simple and repetitive, unexpectedly turned into a deep understanding of spiritual truth that full testimonial

After two weeks of heavy doses of Allegra, claritin and Zyrtec I was still sneezing and dealing with itchy eyes and asthma. I had a session with Staas, and full testimonial

SIMPLY AMAZING! Thank you Staas for a great workshop. I've connected on a whole different level with myself. Thank you for sharing your work with me... I see myself full testimonial

Initially, I approached Staas about his methodology merely out of curiosity. After an explanation from him about the approach and its potential benefits, I decided to use it to full testimonial

I first was intrigued by Staas’ 'Energy Healing Approach to Challenges' . . . . then, it captivated me. This innovative technique enabled Staas to reach the unattainable for full testimonial

I have had several sessions with Staas and am a healer myself. I am therefore a fairly critical and discriminating consumer. Staas has continually impressed me with his ability full testimonial

When I first starting seeing Staas, I have to admit I was skeptical. I’d been stuck in a rut, trying to dig myself out of a two-year long 'pity pit.' full testimonial

Staas has an excellent ability to take the daily anger and frustration and transpose it into a positive. I was amazed at how calm I felt with the process full testimonial

Before I started the session, I really did not think it was going to work, but I was willing to give it a try. I have been single for full testimonial

I would like to express an enormous amount of gratitude for the work that Staas has put in into my healing process. I always look forward to my sessions full testimonial

When I came to Staas in Feb. 2010 I had just finished one of the worst years of my life where the year before that had been one of my full testimonial

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